TGGC #54: From Voice Thief to Voice Freedom with Gail Schock

Gail Shock aka G Love is a Love Revolutionery, a Quantum Meditation Teacher, Coach, Writer and Energy Magician.

We talked a lot about what that mega job title even means, the crises that ended up being her soul cures, the new ritual, Gail is using to celebrate the small, wonderful things that happen throughout her daily life, her beautiful spiritual beliefs, living from a place of self-acceptance rather than self-improvement, following the whispers of the feminine throughout our lives, and the experience of “The Voice Thief,” and how we can go about reclaiming our voices.





  • The new ritual that Gail is using to celebrate the small, wonderful things that happen throughout her daily life
  • What it means to let Shakti move through your body
  • What it looks like to be a Quantum Meditation Teacher, Coach, Writer and Energy Magician
  • How Gail balances her roles as an executive producer with her role as a spiritual teacher - and how they’re connected
  • Gail’s experience of growing up in a spiritual family and how her beliefs have evolved over time
  • The car crash Gail was in in 2008 that devastated her body, brain, and voice, and how it ended up being exactly the “soul cure” she needed at the time
  • What she learned about femininity from living in the Middle East
  • What she learned about the power of the imagination by walking over hot coals at Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within
  • Living in a place of self-acceptance rather than always striving for self-improvement
  • Following the whispers of the divine feminine
  • The experience of “Voice Thief” when we are rendered speechless and how we can move towards reclaiming our voice



Ways to Feel My Feelings.

I've seen so many people write so beautifully about "going into their pain," "staring it in the eye," "wading into its depths."

I recently posted a video about how important it is to fully feel and express our feelings. It's critical to our health on every level and not doing so can be devastating.

My recent work with a coach has allowed me to explore the trauma I've been experiencing in my body and it's dredged up old pain that is demanding to be felt. But when all of these poetic words spring to mind, it has made me feel impotent.

Do I even know how? Certainly no one ever taught me.

Is it enough to just acknowledge their presence? Or is there something I'm meant to be doing? (But surely "doing" is the antithesis of "feeling.")

What about those times when life must go on in spite of difficult feelings? Or when these feels take up residence for long periods of time - demanding to be felt and unravelled slowly?

I sat down with my journal and explored how my feelings we're wanting to be felt, right now, in this season of my life. This is what I wrote:

Lie in bed and let them wash over me without trying to do or force anything.

Explore it as a felt sense in my body: Where is it located? How big is it? Texture? Sensations? Density? Colour? Age?

Write into it - its origins and its lessons.

Move my body - dance, run, beat my fists, throw myself on the floor; it all counts.

Emote it; let those primal sounds overflow.

Create something with it. Get messy with paint. Make a mandala. Dig a big hole in the garden. What does it want to be in the world? What shape does it want to take?

Have an honest conversation. Conversation is so healing.

Hold it with you and let it be present with you as you go about your day's activities, not using them to numb it out. I've even taken to cradling it like I would a baby when I can.

Bringing metaphor to our spiritual practices is a beautiful way to evoke the layers and depth they bring to our lives. But these metaphors become dangerous when they're not anchored to our lived reality, when we're no longer sure what they really mean.

So let's write poetry but let's also write the bare bones truth of what our lives look like. What's working for us and what isn't. Even when it's messy and incomplete and we aren't sure what we're doing. That's where the real poetry is.

Please tell me: what does it look like to feel feelings in your life right now?

TGGC #53: The power of self-awareness & creating online boundaries with Emma Gannon.

Emma Gannon is an author, blogger, and marketer, and she recently released her first book Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online with Ebury Publishing.

Emma was one of the first bloggers I started following when I decided to move to London. I love her charming but no-nonsense take on life and her adventures in this city are always exciting to read about. I'm thrilled to say that you can look forward to hearing from her in an upcoming episode of the podcast!

When Emma announced that she was publishing a book, I knew it would be just as fun and thought-provoking as everything else she does. In Ctrl Alt Delete Emma chronicles how she grew up, and ultimately built a career, online - complete with cybersex, catfishing, and many an MSN convo. The book is fun and lighthearted in places, but also deep and philosophical in others as she grapples with such topics as bullying and feminism. There's a whole lot of nostalgia too, for all of us who fumbled our way through growing up in those early days of the Internet.

In this episode we talk about the power of self-awareness for designing a life you love, setting online boundaries, creating a work/life balance that works for you, and finding inspiration.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why structure and routine isn't always the best thing for creative entrepreneurs and how we can go through seasons of routine and seasons without routine
  • Finding the work routine that suits your personality and preferences 
  • The balance between being honest online and being discerning consumers of content, realizing that people don't owe us a complete picture of their lives
  • Choosing the boundaries we set online and the damage that can be done by trying to hold ourselves to impossible standards
  • Emma's writing process and the process of publishing her book
  • Breaking through writer's block
  • Finding inspiration by taking a break
  • The best writing advice that Emma's received
  • The benefits of growing up online - because it's not all doom and gloom
  • How the internet allows us to "choose ourselves" and create what we want to create 
  • Getting out of a funk
  • The problem with seeing as guru and what happens when we outgrow our heroes
  • Replacing the idea of "work/life balance" with the idea of blending
  • What's helped Emma distance herself from the negative feedback she's received online

Links mentioned:

Where to find Emma: