TGGC #82: The healing power of playing with your inner child with Laura Jane Williams

Laura Jane Williams is the author of Amazon bestseller BECOMING: Sex, Second Chances, and Figuring Out Who the Hell I Am and forthcoming ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST: How rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier, and solve your bullsh*t adult problems.

She was Grazia's "single girl" columnist until February 2017, is Marie Claire's #BREAKFREE from fear ambassador, and has written about dating, lust and her feelings everywhere from The Guardian to RED to Buzzfeed, The Metro, Stylist, The Telegraph and more. She blogs at Superlatively Rude and is currently writing her third book.

This is her second time on the podcast and in this episode we discuss her experience with burn out, why she decided to take a break from writing to become a nanny, the experience of writing her second book, and her considerations around having a child on her own.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Laura prioritizes and chunks down passion projects so that they actually get done
  • Recognizing the early signs of burn out
  • The non-linear process of healing from burn out
  • Laura’s 3 rules to Tinder dating and how she ended up with a national dating column
  • Considering the option of becoming a single mother
  • How Laura’s experience nannying three girls turned into the subject for her new book
  • The difference between writing her first and second books
  • The tiny changes Laura has made to her life after experiencing burn out


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TGGC #81: Combining business with magic and finding your flow with Chris-Anne Donnelly

Chris-Anne Donnelly spends her days creating sacred space and road-mapping potential, branding soulpreneurs and mixing an intoxicating blend of intuition and strategy.

She's also the genius behind the Sacred Creator oracle deck - a favourite spiritual, entrepreneurial tool of mine. 

We had a beautiful conversation about setting firm boundaries around our time, combining work and magic, finding the flow within your day, and the evolution of her manifestation process.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Setting firm boundaries around our time
  • Chris Anne’s journey to finding spirituality and starting her business
  • Why she doesn’t always use contracts in her business
  • Combining business/work and magic
  • Getting out of the hustle
  • Finding flow within your work day
  • Her process of creating the Sacred Creator Oracle deck
  • Working through “second novel syndrome” to get back into your creative flow
  • Chris Anne’s manifestation process


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TGGC #80: Taking a humane approach to personal growth with Sarah Kathleen Peck

Sarah Kathleen Peck is a writer, teacher, and connector. She writes a popular newsletter about about personal development, behavior change, and leadership.

She's currently writing a book called Startup Pregnant about how working in tech while pregnant opened her eyes to new ways of doing message.

Sarah and I had a conversation that left me absolutely buzzing. We share some real talk about pregnancy and early motherhood. We also chat about the need for multiple ways of showing up for work and life - rather than pushing all of the time, the need to be more intentional and precise with our language and commitments, and grieving even positive life changes.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How having a child forced Sarah into a more structured routine
  • Taking a sane, humane approach to changing patterns and forming habits
  • Grieving happy life changes
  • The monthly report Sarah creates for herself and how she chooses her monthly mantra 
  • Using doodling as a meditation practice and finding other ways to quiet the mind
  • Startup Pregnant, the book Sarah is currently writing
  • The need for multiple ways of showing up for work and life - rather than pushing all of the time
  • The need to be more intentional and precise with our language and commitments
  • The difference between “nice” and “kind"


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