Although I only started taking on Virtual Assistant clients in 2016, my experience that has readied me for the job is vast and varied. In fact, it feels like I have been training for this role for my entire life.

My dad worked in IT and so growing up, I was often found on his lap (and later on my own) tapping away at our computer's keyboard from the age of two. I grew up online - you could call me a "digital native" - so learning new softwares and digital processes comes intuitively for me.

I had blogs and websites from a young age. Angelfire, Geocities, Livejournal ...I did them all, in all their angsty, oversharing glory.

Once I graduated university, the work experience I collected gave me in-depth experience overseeing business operations, creating effective social media strategies, content marketing, and creating effective systems and processes.

I was the editor-in-chief of an independent women's magazine in Toronto where I oversaw all operations, managed their social media accounts, laid out the print magazine, updated the website, created images for articles, and managed all day-to-day tasks (we had a very small team, whom I oversaw). At a community charity in the UK I managed all of the social media and communications. During my tenure their I helped to grow one of their social accounts from 1,500 to over 10,000.