TGGC #02: Personal Transformations, the Power of Daydreaming, & Creating a Magical Life with Veronica Varlow

Veronica is an international burlesque performer and she also teaches tarot, seduction, and magic classes online and in person. She's producing a feature film with her husband and she helps her readers live a more magical life on her blog, Danger Diary. But Veronica's life wasn't always this rock 'n roll fairy tale. She used to work as a temporary secretary and was afraid to really go after her dreams. In this episode we talk about her personal transformation, the power of daydreaming, and creating magic.

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • how Veronica went from being a temporary secretary to an international burlesque performer
  • the moment that helped Veronica transform her life
  • her top tips for undergoing personal transformations and becoming the person you know you really are
  • a practice that Veronica uses to cultivate confidence when she's working on a new project
  • an unusual ritual for forging deep connections with someone
  • why she doesn't believe in "life purposes" and a more powerful question to ask yourself instead
  • simple tips for adding more magic to your life
  • how Veronica and her husband broke down the overwhelming dream of producing their own feature film and actually made it a reality
  • how to grow together in a romantic relationship while also maintaining your unique sense of self

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Stay tuned for next week's episode where I talk to Mariah Coz about finding focus, monetizing your passions, and getting more done!