TGGC #03: Gaining Focus, Making a Living from Your Passions, & Getting More Done with Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz is the girl genius behind Femtrepreneur, where she helps people build profitable online businesses out of their passions. Mariah has done an incredible jobs of building businesses that support the lifestyle she wants, such as travelling half of the year. In this episode, we chat a bit about business and how anyone can making a living from the things that they love. This might not sound like personal development but I really think it is. If we're spending all day at a soul sucking job when we feel called to do something else, that takes it's toll on us. Mariah shares the steps anyone could take this week to start building a business so that they could leave their day job. But even if you're not interested in entrepreneurship there's lots to dig into. Mariah shares how she got more energy from changing her diet, how she stays focused, and her top tips for getting more done.

In this episode we talk about:

  • how changing her diet made Mariah more focused and energized
  • how focusing on less can allow you to get more done
  • the experiences Mariah had growing up that helped her live without self-doubt
  • how she built a business that allowed her to travel full-time - and why she doesn't do that anymore
  • the steps she goes through to get from being overwhelmed by having too many passions to narrowing in on a viable business idea
  • how to find a viable business idea, even if you don't think you have anything to sell
  • what you can do this week to start building your own business, without getting overwhelmed
  • why Mariah gave up $100,000 a year to work tirelessly building a new business
  • the importance of connecting with your girl gang everyday and how to start finding your people

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Stay tuned for next week's episode where I'll be talking to writer Laura Jane Williams about finding yourself through writing, the art of becoming, and cultivating radical self-acceptance.