TGGC #04: Finding Yourself Through Writing, The Art of Becoming, & Cultivating Self-Acceptance with Laura Jane Williams

Laura Jane Williams is the blogger behind and her ultimate message is that none of us are fucking up like we think we are. She's chronicled her her triumphs and mishaps as she goes balls to the wall living with purpose and passion. Laura doesn't shy away from asking difficult questions of herself and her readers. When she lost her job in PR last year, Laura decided to live the live she really wanted. Since then she's lived in Russia, Bali, India, and Rome while working full-time as a writer. She recently released an ebook, The Book of Brave, and is currently writing a book. We sat down to talk about finding yourself through writing, the art of becoming, and cultivating radical self-acceptance.

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Why losing her job actually became the motivation she needed to start living the life she wanted
  • How writing allows Laura to figure out who sheW is and the role her blog has played in her personal development so far
  • Her writing process and how its changed recently
  • What being told to lose weight by her yoga teacher taught Laura about calmly standing up for herself
  • The reflection ritual that she uses to deepen her personal development
  • The strategy she uses for balancing time for herself with socializing regularly
  • How she found self-love on a yoga mat
  • The journey she's taken to radical self-acceptance
  • How she used a very specific affirmation to get over her limiting beliefs around love
  • Finding the line between when to push through and when to change direction

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