TGGC #05: Surrender, Loving Yourself with Chronic Illness, & Tapping Into Your Intuition with Louise Androlia

I’m Louise, is a Writer, Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Speaker, and Artist. In this episode we have an in-depth conversation about how to surrender and why it's so important for living in the flow. Louise discusses her own journey with chronic illness and how to practice self-love even when it feels like your body is against you. She shares her favourite tools for processing your feelings, tapping into your intuition, and becoming more mindful. 

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Lou's morning rituals that help keep her grounded
  • How Lou's experience with trauma led to her current work
  • How to trust your journey rather than searching for your life purposes
  • Why surrender is so powerful and how to start practicing it, as well as tips for deepening that practice
  • What surrender has to do with riding a horse
  • Lou's experience with chronic illness and her suggestions for loving yourself even when it feels like your body is out to get you
  • How to process your feelings so that they don't build up and cause you to breakdown
  • Why we tend to "check out" from our minds, body, and spirits and how we can get back in touch with ourselves
  • The tools you can use for tapping into your intuition

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