TGGC #06: Being your best self, making healthier choices, & leaping into entrepreneurship with ReeRee Rockette.

ReeRee Rockette is a writer and business owner who's on a mission to be her best self. In this episode, she shares her journey to a healthier lifestyle. Ree shares her tips for creating lasting lifestyle changes, insights into her healthy habits, and exactly what it took for her to quit her job in teaching to start her own businesses.

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses weight loss.

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Ree's morning routine and the unusual way she likes to drink her coffee
  • How she developed the confidence to leave a career in teaching and follow her passions
  • How Ree supported herself while launching her own business
  • How making healthier choices changed the way Ree feels about her body
  • Ree's fitness journey and how she was finally able to make exercise a habit she enjoys
  • Her low carb diet and what she eats in a typical day
  • Why taking an extreme approach to healthy living worked better for her than small changes
  • Ree's top tips for anyone who wants to make big changes in their life
  • How she works mini holidays into her regular life

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