TGGC #07: Dancing through change, living a nomadic life, & being true to yourself with Jayne Goldheart.

Jayne Goldheart is one of my best friends and I'm so excited to share this episode with you! She's a qoya, yoga, and meditation teacher and she's recently released a series of meditations based around nature and the body's chakras. Since her marriage ended last year, Jayne has been traveling around the world without a traditional job. This month she's setting out on a pilgrimage that will take her on a 500 mile walk around Scotland. Jayne is not afraid of going really deep and we had a really powerful conversation about navigating change, staying grounded without putting down roots, and being true to yourself.

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Why Jayne is taking a step back from her work as a teacher to focus on her own self-care and how she hopes that will inspire other people
  • How she felt her way through the difficult decision of ending her marriage and what she's learned about herself through that process
  • What the five phases of grief miss out on
  • The tools that she's finding most healing 
  • How dance has changed her relationship to herself and her body and how anyone can use this practice
  • The rituals Jayne used to stay grounded while she's moving around all of the time - and why they're not what you might expect
  • What "driftwood" is and how it can improve your love life (or any other area of your life!)
  • How her relationship with stuff and spending money has changed since she decided to adopt a nomadic lifestyle
  • Why reading less, going to fewer workshops, and cutting out the noise can actually help you grow and develop more
  • Why Jayne has decided to walk 500 miles around Scotland

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