TGGC #08: Loving your body, unleashing your superpowers, and exploring your lady landscape with Lisa Lister

Lisa Lister, the author of Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period. She’s a menstrual maven, plus-size yoga teacher + spiritual guide-ess, and we had an incredible conversation about why it's so important to understand your menstrual cycle and how doing so can lead to a more fulfilling, happier life. We also talk about the ins and outs of hormonal birth control, why we should rethink yoga for female bodies, and how to start showing our selves more love on the reg. Lisa is so punk rock and the information she shares can absolutely revolutionize the way you live and your relationship to your body.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The health diagnosis that led Lisa on a 10-year journey of getting to know her "lady landscape"
  • What your menstrual cycle is and why keeping track of it can help you live more happily and harmoniously
  • Why consistency is a masculine construct and how you can honour the cyclic changes in energy that women experience throughout the month
  • How using alternative menstrual health products can help you get in touch with your body in really important ways
  • How to start charting your cycle so that you can begin to understand how it impacts your moods and energy and create your own, ultimate self-help guide
  • The relationship between the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle
  • How to honour the feminine even when work or other commitments require you to be in the masculine mode
  • What Lisa would like you to consider about taking hormonal birth control and the impact it will have on your cycle, but how you can still experience this cyclic energy if you are on the pill
  • How we need to rethink our yoga practice in a way that feels better and honours female bodies 

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