TGGC #09: Self-care rituals, loving your finances, & using the Zodiac as your guide with Nicole Harlow

Today I’m so excited to be sharing a conversation with Nicole Harlow that left me absolutely buzzing for days afterwards. There’s so much to dig into in this episode because Nicole is one of those rare people who genuinely walks her talk. Nicole is the Creative Director of Nicole Harlow Designs, where she creates custom websites and creative branding for creative entrepreneurs. But Nicole and I talk about how, as a Gemini, she has another side of herself, another twin - one who teaches yoga, sacred sexuality, and meditation. It’s this twin that Nicole is really honouring and focusing on nurturing in her new program Your Year of Radical Transformation. We had a really amazing conversation about how her self-care practice changes as she moves around the world, how she’s healing her relationship to money, and so much more. She offers a lot of practical tips and ideas for rituals you can implement in your own life, as well as a guided meditation at the end of the episode.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Nicole's "Gemini twins" influence the very different types of work that she does
  • From living in a van on the west coast of the US to moving to Malta with her partner, how her self-care routines change depending on where she is in the world
  • What Nicole does during her weekly "money dates" with herself and how they're changing her relationship to her finances
  • What she does every week to stay in touch with her goals and herself
  • The routines and rituals that Nicole uses to stay grounded and take care of herself
  • How Nicole's thoughts about the zodiac have changed over time and how you can start harness the influences of the planets in your own life
  • Why she doesn't like the term "woo woo" (even though she uses it herself sometimes)
  • A guided body scan meditation to lead you into a state of relaxation

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