TGGC #11: Managing anxiety, challenging mental health stigmas, & finding your personal style with Celia Edell

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Celia Edell is a contributing vlogger for Everyday Feminism, an advice for Polyester Magazine, a freelance writer and a feminist philosopher. She has her Master’s degree in philosophy and is especially interested in critical race theory, mental health awareness, feminist ethics and bad reality television.

In this episode Celia talks about why herbal tea and yoga aren’t always enough when it comes to managing our mental health. She shares the coping strategies she uses for dealing with her generalized anxiety disorder. She offers advice on what to do if you’re struggling with your mental health and don’t know where to turn. And she talks about how to find your own personal style and use it as a tool for your personal growth and development.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Celia deals with online trolls and protects her energy from negativity
  • Her advice for anyone who is struggling with their mental health and doesn't know where to turn
  • What Celia's generalized anxiety disorder feels like to her and how it impacts her day-to-day life
  • The coping mechanisms that she uses to manage her anxiety
  • Why her mental health changed when she moved overseas and how she dealt with it
  • Why Celia became a big advocate for anti-anxiety medications, even though she resisted them when they were first prescribed for her
  • How she met people and created support systems after moving to a new country
  • The ways her partner is able to support her when she's feeling anxious
  • How Celia developed her very unique personal style and the ways it contributed to her own personal growth

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