TGGC #12: Orgasm, reconnecting with your body, & living from a place of pleasure with Betsy Blankenbaker.

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Betsy Blankenbaker writes about sexuality and the sacred body. She was born in Indiana - the conservative heartland of the United States. Betsy raised her four children between Indiana and Miami and now lives as a nomad, making her home around the world where ever she is teaching. She is releasing her third book in February 2016, a collection of true stories of sex, sensuality and the sacred. Betsy continues to research orgasm as well as teaches Qoya classes and writing retreats. Many of her clients refer to her as the Orgasm Doula.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What an orgasm actually is (you might be surprised)
  • What inspired Betsy to spend 5 years researching orgasm and how it helped her to heal from past sexual trauma
  • The science of why orgasms are so healing and how they can be a tool for personal development
  • The simple practices that we can use to reconnect with our orgasm
  • Her tips for bringing a sense of pleasure into every part of our lives
  • How we can begin deepening our relationship to orgasm with a partner
  • The lessons she's learned from women who have sent her their own orgasm stories

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