TGGC #13: Choosing adventure, starting a meditation practice, and being a wildheart with Sally Hope.

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Sally Hope is a renegade life coach and the author of the Wildheart Revolution. Sally is a force to be reckoned with! In this episode we talk about the journey that led her to becoming a literal rock star right after college and how that ultimately led to her becoming a life coach. She's packed up her life to work from the beach in Costa Rica, traveled across America in an RV performing random acts of kindness, and is now living in Montana. She shares her process for choosing her next adventure and offers advice for starting a meditation practice, living more authentically, and explains why her MOTORCYCLE has been her biggest spiritual teacher so far. Not only does Sally have an inspiring story, but there is a lot of really practical content to dig into.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The powerful synchronicities that led to Sally becoming a literal rock star after graduating college
  • Sally's beliefs about the Law of Attraction and how you can put it to play in your own life
  • The path that led her to leave her career as a musician and become a life coach
  • What it means to be a wildheart and how anyone can live as one - no 180-degree turns or crazy adventures required (unless that's what you want)
  • How Sally chooses her next adventure and the process she recommends for truly listening to your heart and creating the life you desire
  • Her tips for starting a meditation practice (something she struggled with for a long time)
  • Why her MOTORCYCLE has been Sally's biggest spiritual teacher so far
  • How she's using essential oils to improve her life

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