TGGC #15: Embracing your contradictions, living your spirituality, & designing a life you love with Kathleen Shannon.

Kathleen Shannon is the co-owner of Braid Creative and co-host of the Being Boss podcast. Not only is Kathleen a badass boss lady, but she’s a deeply spiritual and inspiring person. We talk about so much in this episode, including Kathleen’s daily routines, her spiritual beliefs and practices, what she does to unwind, why she took up bodybuilding and then chose to pursue boxing instead, and so much more. She's always experimenting with new passions and ideas to design a life she loves.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The journey Kathleen took to transition from working in advertising to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • The rituals and routines that allow her to balance being a mom, wife, business owner, and multi-passionate creative.
  • Why TV doesn't necessarily kill your creativity or your love life (and what we're watching right now).
  • How Kathleen's spiritual beliefs have changed and evolved over time.
  • The understanding of "God" that she has now after being uncomfortable with that word for a long time.
  • How Kathleen and her husband navigate having very different spiritual beliefs in a respectful and supportive way.
  • Her personal journey with fitness, what led her to get into bodybuilding, and why she changed directions to pursue boxing.
  • The personal development books that have had the most profound impact on her life.
  • Why being your unique, quirky self is actually good for business as an entrepreneur.

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