TGGC #16: Being an artist, living your values, and creating awesome zines with Aurora Lady.

Aurora Lady is an art making Feminasty! She's been creating her grrrl-centric art and zines since she put on her first pair of combat boots in the '90's. Her world is dripping with glitter and angry knuckle tattoos and we're sat down to chat about how to actively integrate your ethics and beliefs into what you create, whether that's through your business or a trip to your grocery store. She shares her thoughts on being a working artist, how to create a zine, her favourite vegan recipes, and so much more.

In this episode we talk about

  • What a day in her life looks like as a working artist
  • The limiting belief she had to overcome in order to move forward as a working artist
  • How you can support artists and the arts no matter how much money you have and why that's so important
  • The considerations you can make to begin identifying and living your personal values
  • The difficult realities of being an artist in America
  • How to start looking for work that you enjoy without putting all the pressure of supporting you on your passions
  • How the movie Clueless inspired Aurora's foray into veganism
  • Tips for experimenting with veganism (and Aurora's favourite recipe)
  • Some of the benefits of veganism that go beyond health and ethical considerations
  • What a zine is, how to make and distribute one, and why creating one can have a positive impact on your personal development
  • The practices Aurora is using to plan and design a life she loves

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