TGGC #17: Becoming magical, deepening your desires, & raising your "havingness" level with Carolyn Elliott.

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Carolyn Elliott is a bad bitch with a bodhisattva vow. She's a life coach, a writing teacher, and a legit witch. In this episode we talk about her recovery from addiction, how she got seriously interested in magic (and you can too), why her deepest desires go way beyond a 4-hour work week, the problem with most personal development content, and so much more. Carolyn is not afraid to go really deep and I found our conversation to be absolutely life changing. It might be my favourite interview yet!

In this episode we talk about:

  • What Carolyn's life looks like as a full-time writer in Bali
  • What to do with offerings on your altar after they've sat there for a while
  • Carolyn's definition of "magic" and what it means to be magical
  • Why she was forced to dress up as the Egyptian God Thoth as a child
  • How Carolyn's relationship to and understanding of magic changed over time
  • Her favourite books for anyone who is interested in learning about or starting to practice magic
  • What led Carolyn to transition from teaching poetry to working as a life coach
  • How Carolyn overcame crippling depression and major internal resistance to make this huge transformation
  • Her experience with shadow work and what that looks like in practice
  • What most personal development glosses over
  • Why Carolyn decided to celebrate her poverty and how that allowed her to create more wealth for herself
  • Why gratitude is an excruciatingly painful thing to feel
  • Carolyn's deepest desires - and why they go way beyond a 4-hour work week

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