TGGC #18: Changing your money mindset, baby steps to financial freedom & holistic budgeting with Michelle Bobrow.

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Michelle Bobrow is the founder of personal website The Holistic Wallet. Michelle is a personal finance strategist and she helps the creatively-inclined tap into their left brains and set financial foundations they can stand up and shout from. We're going to talk about what finance has to do with personal development, how to get over your limiting beliefs about money, where to start with getting your financial house in order, and much more.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What led Michelle to make the transition to become a personal finance strategist
  • The practices that are helping Michelle bring a sense of intention and spirituality to her day
  • What money has to do with our personal development
  • How Michelle paid off nearly $40,000 in debt while still enjoying herself
  • What a money mindset is and how to begin changing yours so that you can change your spending habits and earning capacity
  • If you're overwhelmed by financial advice and all of the things you feel like you need to do, here's one thing you can do today to begin getting your finances in order
  • The process Michelle went through and how much money she saved in order to leave her corporate job and start working for herself
  • How to begin saving for a big dream when you don't have any extra income coming in
  • Why tacos are the best food EVER

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