TGGC #19: Being a misfit, creating personal transformation, & cultivating a positive body image with Ebonie Allard.

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Ebonie Allard is a business coach for entrepreneurial misfits and just launched her book Misfit to Maven: The Story of Argh to Ahhh. We sat down to chat about how feeling like a misfit led to some seriously destructive behaviour, how she began to transform her life, the 8 step process she works through with her clients, Ebonie’s best advice for improving your body image, and a lot of other really insightful, actionable topics.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Ebonie calls herself "unemployable" (and why that's a good thing!)
  • The planning system that she uses to help create balance (and sanity!) in her life
  • The simple practice Ebonie uses to make her mornings feel luxurious
  • What it meant to grow up feeling like a misfit and the self-destructive behaviour that that led to
  • One of the pivotal moments that led her to start creating positive changes
  • The tools that Ebonie used to start creating positive transformations in her life
  • Why she qualified as a yoga teacher, even though she didn't have plans to teach and how that impacted her lifestyle
  • Ebonie's best advice for beginning to love your body
  • The 8 principles that Ebonie lives by and that she helps her clients work through in order to create transformation in their lives
  • Three small steps you could take this week if you are looking to let go of old patterns and create positive changes in your life
  • How to create positive, empowered goals
  • What Ebonie learned about herself from writing her first book (and what you can expect to learn from reading it)

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