TGGC #20: Epic dream chasing, healing from trauma, & getting real about money with Heather Jabornik.

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If you aren't already familiar with Heather and her website, Hiya Tootsie!, get ready to fall in love! She is so full of passion and positivity; it's absolutely infectious! Heather is an East Coast writer, hope-raiser, and dream-chaser based out of L.A. In this episode we'll be talking about how Heather made the leap into chasing her dreams full-time, the tools she used to recover from the trauma and burnout she experienced as a result of her previous career, an in-depth look at the financial side of working for herself full-time, how she is balancing a new relationship with running her own business, and the story of conceiving and launching her first physical product in just 90 days.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The three practices that bring a sense of intention to Heather's day
  • The full story of how (and why) she left her full-time nonprofit work to working for herself full-time
  • The tools Heather used to recover from the trauma and burnout that she experienced as a result of her previous career
  • An in-depth look at how Heather earns money as a professional blogger, how she was able to make the leap, and the unconventional ways that she's making money
  • How she's managing the fear and uncertainty that comes from doing her own thing
  • How she's balancing having her own business and being in a new relationship
  • Heather's best advice for anyone who is looking to get clear on their big dreams
  • The general next steps you can take after you've gotten clear on the dream you want to chase and how to make a big dream feel possible
  • The story of why she chose to launch a perfume called Candy Ass and how she took it from conception to launch in just 90 days

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