TGGC #21: Designing your life in 2016, “having it all,” & meditating in hotel bars with Jennifer Dziura.

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Jen Dzirua is the founder of and the annual Bullish Conference. I am a huge fan of her work and her no-bullshit approach to advice. Although the ways we express our beliefs around self-love are very, very different I found I learned so much from our interview. In this episode we chat extensively about designing your life in 2016, how to "have it all" as a parent, business owner, and woman of the world, why she resists the terms "self-love" and "self-care", how she accomplishes her own form of meditation in hotel bars, and how to order traditional cocktails like a pro. This will be my last interview of 2015 and it feels like the perfect one to round out the year.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Whether it's important to have "lady-centric" business advice
  • How having "money BFFs" and "money role models" can help you earn more without betraying your political beliefs
  • Why "work-life balance" doesn't necessarily apply in your twenties
  • How to maximize your leisure time and nurture relationships when you're going balls to the wall to build your career or achieve a big dream
  • The problem with how "self-care" is typically presented online and what helps Jen recharge
  • How she accomplishes her own form of meditation in hotel bars
  • Jen's favourite cocktail and how to order cocktails like a pro - which includes a simple trick that will help you do anything more confidently
  • What Jen's routines look like with so many projects on the go Lin the workplace
  • The approach she took to online dating in order to attract the right partner
  • Why "designing your year" is more effective than setting resolutions and what that looks like

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