TGGC #22: Seducing your goals, honouring your shadow, & making life sexier with Kitty Cavalier.

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Kitty Cavalier is the queen of seduction and in her work she teaches that seduction is a spiritual practice. That might sound a bit weird and disconnected from what you usually hear when people talk about seduction but I promise, it’s all about to make sense. Kitty is such a beautiful, warm woman who instantly makes you feel seen and heard and seduces you with every word. In this episode she actually makes scrubbing your bathtub sound SEXY so you’re not going to want to miss it.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What Kitty means by seduction and why it doesn’t have anything to do with manipulation
  • How to bring seduction and the power of the erotic into every aspect of your life, including the workplace
  • A simple question to become more embodied and decisions based on your true desires
  • The routines and rituals that anchor Kitty’s life in a state of seduction
  • How to seduce your desires and attract them to you rather than desperately chasing them (and ultimately pushing them away from you)
  • What Kitty learned from getting out of 40k in debt and how she began shifting into an abundance mentality
  • Why rejection is actually a form of protection and why seduction isn’t all about getting the “yes”
  • What your “shadow side” is, what it can teach us, and how to distinguish between this important part of ourselves and the limiting/negative beliefs that are holding us back
  • How seduction can make your self-love practice more pleasurable, sexier, and more holistic

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