TGGC #23: #VANLIFE, living on the road, and creating your own adventures with Charla Vail.

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Charla Vail is a visual artist who is obsessed with travel and recently spent 8 months travelling the US and hosting meet ups while living out of a camper van. We sat down to chat about what life on the road is really like, what she learned about herself on this adventure, how she practiced self-care while sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots, and her most memorable memory from it all.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • What led Vail to renovate a vintage camper and spend 8 months on the road, hosting meet ups across the USA
  • What the logistics of preparing for this journey looked like
  • A realistic look at what a typical day on the road looked like and why #VANLIFE isn’t as glamorous as it might appear on Instagram
  • Why she struggled to practice during the first half of her adventure and how she re-prioritized part way through
  • The personal healing journey Vail went on while living on the road
  • What she learned about herself by spending so much time alone in the camper
  • How Vail built an online community around her artwork 
  • Her tips for making new friends as an adult, even if you’re extremely shy
  • Advice for planning your own epic road trip
  • Vail’s next project now that she’s wrapping up her life on the road
  • Her take on minimalism
  • Vail’s absolute favourite memory from her 8-month journey
  • Her struggles with body image and how she's working to transform her self-destructive behaviour

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