TGGC #25: Changing careers, the healing power of tattoos, & low impact living with Carly Kroll.

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I’m so excited to share today’s interview with Carly Kroll. This feels like a really special interview because I first interviewed Carly on my old lifestyle blog for my Tattoo Talk series. Carly made my most recent tattoo - an amazing portrait of my cat Henry. We sat down to talk about her journey from being a flight attendant to becoming a tattooist, the link between personal development and tattoos, and what makes a tattoo vegan. Carly has a really incredible story and I’m really excited to share our conversation with you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Carly’s journey from being a flight attendant to becoming a tattooist and owning her own tattoo studio
  • Her first tattoo and how Carly’s thoughts about tattoos have changed over time
  • What she has learned about herself by becoming a more visibly tattooed person
  • The link between tattoos and personal development and the role tattoos can play in healing
  • What makes a tattoo vegan and why Carly considered more than just the supplies used to create a tattoo when setting up her 100% vegan tattoo studio
  • Carly’s journey to veganism and her thoughts on living a low impact lifestyle
  • What you need to know and consider before getting a tattoo
  • How Carly connected with people and made new friends after moving from Australia to Germany

Links mentioned:

The gorgeous tattoo Carly made of my cat Henry:

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