TGGC #26: Getting clear on your desires and how you want to feel: a mini Desire Map workshop with Louise George.

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Louise George is a coach and actress based in London. We’re going to be talking about her story of how she went from working jobs she didn’t love to gaining clarity on her desires and creating a life that she really loves. But what’s really exciting about this interview is also a mini desire map workshop. Louise is going to tell us all about what desire mapping is, how we can find our core desired feelings, and how to use them to gain clarity in all areas of your life. Louise and I chatted about the core desired feelings we’re both currently working with and the little rituals we’ve used to cultivate them throughout our days. This work has been so transformative for me. By finding your core desired feelings you can stop chasing goals and dreams and pinning your happiness on your future happiness because you can start generating the feelings you want right now. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she maintains both structure and fluidity in her daily routines
  • Louise’s journey from being unfulfilled by her work and life to getting clarity on her desires and built a life she adores
  • What led her to desire mapping and exactly what this process created by Daniele LaPorte looks like
  • The definition of “core desired feelings” (CDFs) and how discovering yours can transform your entire life
  • How getting clarity around how you want to feel can help you to stop striving and pinning your happiness on future events, and instead start enjoying where you are right now
  • Questions to ask yourself to narrow in on your core desired feelings
  • The ins and outs of how many CDFs you should choose, how often you should go through the desire mapping process
  • How to use your CDFs to create goals that feel good and that allow you to enjoy the journey of reaching them
  • The CDFs that Louise and I are currently working with
  • The rituals we use to cultivate our CDFs every day
  • The tools that have helped Louise make positive changes in her mindset
  • What you can expect from one of Louise’s desire mapping workshops

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