TGGC #27: Redefining self-care, prioritizing yourself, and setting healthy boundaries with Ana Ottman.

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Ana Ottman is a a ghost writer and fiction author who helps female entrepreneurs discover their story and share it with the world. We had a deep, soulful conversation about what self-care really means, how to stop it from feeling like another thing on your to-do list, making time for ourselves  and setting healthy boundaries. This is the conversation that I’ve had so many women asking for and there are so many great insights to dig into.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Ana's journey from working in the non-profit sector to becoming a self-employed writer
  • The problem with trying to find your "purpose" and a gentler way to look at career decisions and tuning into your passions 
  • Ana's creative practices and rituals as a full-time writer 
  • Our definitions of self-care and how we practice it in our own lives
  • How to stop self-care from feeling like another item on your to-do list and actually tap into what you need
  • How to make time for yourself based on the season of your life that you’re in
  • Advice for giving ourselves permission to set boundaries, recognizing when our boundaries are out of whack, and how to go about actually putting healthy boundaries in place
  • Why boundaries actually help us to connect better with people
  • Some entry points for having difficult conversations with grace and kindness
  • Understanding your unique gifts and figuring out what you have to offer the world
  • How to become comfortable becoming more visible and sharing your story and work

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