TGGC #29: What the *bleep* are chakras?! with Kate Taylor

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Kate Taylor is a is a Creativity and Empowerment Coach who helps women tap into their creativity and find their "why" so that they can live a lifefull of happiness and purpose. This episode should be called "What the fuck are chakras?" because Kate gives us a thorough run down on what chakras are, how to experience them in your body even if you're super skeptical, an explanation of each of the 7 chakras, tips for figuring out whether your chakras are out of balance, and some best practices for keeping them running smoothly. If you've ever wondered what your yoga teacher is on about when she talks about chakras or prana, this episode is for you. But this episode is incredibly comprehensive so even if you already have a good grasp of what chakras are and what they do, I’m sure you’ll learn something new.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kate’s journey from working in advertising to becoming a coach
  • How Kate is using lucid dreaming to work through issues or places she might be stuck on
  • Kate’s experience training to be a Qoya teacher and how she is using Qoya in her own personal development
  • An overview of what “chakras” and “energy” are (Kate makes these ideas very practical and accessible)
  • The simple ways we can experience these energy centres in our bodies - even if you're super skeptical
  • A rundown of each of the seven chakra: what energies they relate to, what they govern in the body, what happens when they’re out of alignment, and what we can expect when they’re running smoothly
  • Tips for figuring out whether any of your chakras are out of alignment
  • Best practices for keeping your chakras in alignment and running smoothly
  • Kate’s blend of practical magic: combining the practical elements of coaching and action with the energetic shifts we can create in our bodies and our own body’s wisdom

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