TGGC #30: Why entrepreneurship isn't for everyone and the personal development of yoga with Ashley Wilhite.

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Ashley Wilhite was actually my business coach last year when I started transitioning into life coaching. She built a successful coaching practice called Your Super Awesome Life but last year she decided to shut it down, get a job, and become a yoga teacher. In this time when we’re hearing so much about building 6-figure businesses and how starting an online business is THE ultimate dream and source of freedom, I think it’s so important to start a conversation about why that’s not always the case. Ashley and I are talking about what led her to shut down her business, how she used her values and what she’d learned about herself as an entrepreneur to find her dream job, the personal development she experienced at yoga teacher training, and her advice for anyone who is currently struggling to find their way in their career.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The reservations Ashley had about talking about closing down her business and why it’s so important that we don’t just talk about the six-figure success stories
  • Ashley’s journey from counselling to life coaching to business coaching to working as a virtual assistant and enrolling in yoga teacher training
  • How she knew it was the right time to close down her business, Your Super Awesome Life
  • The importance of fresh starts and new creative projects when you are undergoing major life transitions
  • The resistance Ashley felt to closing down her business and how she overcame it
  • The different avenues she explored and how Ashley used her values and what she’s learned about herself as an entrepreneur in order to find the ideal work situation for her
  • Advice for small business owners who are currently unsure whether they want to continue building their business or go in a different direction
  • Our thoughts on manifesting and the benefits of getting really clear on your desires, even if you aren’t “woo woo”
  • How Ashley is responding to the haters who have cropped up since she announced that she’s shut down her business
  • Why it’s important to give ourselves permission to change our minds
  • A peek at Ashley’s day-to-day rituals and routines
  • The inside scoop on what yoga teacher training is actually like and why Ashley decided to enrol herself
  • The personal development work she is doing to change her money mindset

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