TGGC #31: Being a daymaker, reclaiming a bad day, & emptying the tank with Alexandra Franzen.

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Alexandra Franzen is a writer who’s on a mission to help un-complicate the way we communicate. She’s one of my personal heroes and we talked about so much, including Alexandra’s spiritual beliefs, the concept of being a daymaker and how to be one for yourself and others, her personal motto “today is not over yet,” the time management system she uses to maintain balance in her life, and how to empty the tank so that you give everything you’ve got to your projects and relationships, without running on empty and burning out. Alexandra is so funny and interesting and insightful and I can’t wait to share this conversation with you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Alexandra’s first experience as a self-published writer when she was 8-years old - and why it got her in so much trouble at school
  • How we can connect the dots and events from our past to make sense of the “maps of our lives”
  • The time management system Alexandra is using to maintain balance in her life while also staying focused on her priorities
  • Alexandra’s personal spiritual beliefs and their roots in her early childhood thinking
  • The practices that help her feel the most spiritually connected
  • The concept of being a “daymaker” and how David Wagner saved a woman’s life with a hair cut
  • How Alexandra tries to be a daymaker in her own life and how we can be a daymaker for other people
  • The story that inspired her personal motto “Today is not over yet,” which is also the subject of her forthcoming book
  • The simple strategy Alexandra uses to turn around a rotten, horrible, no good, bad day
  • How to set clear boundaries in relationships so that you can fully support your loved ones while also focusing on your priorities and maintaining your own sense of self
  • How to gracefully back out of commitments that you feel resentful about taking on
  • The concept of “emptying the tank” and how to give everything you’ve got to a project without running on empty and burning out
  • The process Alexandra uses for choosing which ideas to pursue
  • Her advice for overcoming inertia and resistance to just getting started with an idea or passion project so that we can follow through

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