TGGC #32: Following your heart & making big dreams happen with Sarah Smith

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Sarah Smith is a singer/songwriter and she actually lives in my hometown back in Canada! Sarah now tours the world playing her music and is an inspiration to anyone who wants to follow a dream. She has a lot to share on living without regrets, staying rooted in the present moment, and living confidently in the direction of your desires.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The journey Sarah took from having a career in the military to becoming a full-time working musician
  • The initial steps she took in order to chase her dream of becoming a singer
  • Dispelling the myth that following your dreams and becoming successful has to be hard
  • A peek into her life on the road and the rituals and routines that anchor her days
  • Cultivating a positive mindset and how to take control of your thoughts
  • Sarah’s creative writing process and how she allows herself to be a conduit for her music
  • A beautiful analogy for understanding self-love as the roots of the tree that is our life
  • How Sarah practices spirituality, even when she’s living out of a van

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