TGGC #33: Creating a magical life with Paige Zaferiou.

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Paige Zaferiou is a a pop-culture-loving, positivity-wielding pizza witch. She's a tarot reader, writer, and sacred artist. Always a busy gal, Paige is also the co-host of the Modern Mystics podcast. We sat down to chat about all things mystical, using tarot for personal development, and how we can bring some practical magic into our own lives. Paige has a really down to earth relationship to magic and she has a great sense of humour - I recently saw her do a tarot reading with Pokemon cards! Some people might find this episode a little bit woo woo but it’s grounded in a lot of practical insights and Paige speaks really beautifully about her experience of overcoming depression and creating a magical life.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Paige’s experience with depression and the practices that eventually helped her create a solid foundation of self-love
  • How she developed her own magical practice and some entry points for anyone who has a budding interest in magic that they want to explore
  • The difference between cultural appropriation and respectfully investigating other traditions
  • A peek into Paige’s magical life and the routines and rituals that anchor her day
  • The practical applications of tarot and divination for our modern lives and whether tarot can be useful for anyone who is super skeptical about magic
  • The problems with our modern relationship to death (or lack thereof) and Paige’s calling to work with the spiritual entity Holy Death
  • Her personal beliefs about manifestation, simple rituals for manifesting your desires, and how music can amp up our powers of manifestation
  • The importance of routines and consistency in developing a spiritual practice and magical life

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