TGGC #34: The truth about forgiveness, healing with affirmations, & the power of burlesque with Perle Noire.

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Perle is a burlesque dancer who has been named one of the world’s top five burlesque performers by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine three years in a row and she has performed on stages around the world. I was introduced to her work by a Punk Rock Personal Development listener and I’m so glad I was! Perle seduced me from her first word - she’s so warm and gracious. We sat down to chat about her experience healing from the trauma of abuse, the power of affirmations, how she transformed her life with burlesque, and the magic of using words as wands.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The journey Perle took as a survivor of abuse to reclaim her power and heal through abuse and the use of affirmations
  • A practice for letting go of ghosts from the past so that they no longer haunt and hold power over you
  • How to begin appreciating your physical body and acknowledging your own beauty - even if that feels impossible right now
  • What forgiveness really is, why it has nothing to do with the person you’re forgiving, and how you can make it a tangible reality
  • Processes you can use for creating powerful affirmations
  • A peek at the routines and rituals that anchor Perle’s busy life - including her gratitude practice and how she manages self-care while on the road
  • Casting spells to create forgiveness and healing and to attract our desires
  • The mindset and strategies Perle uses for mitigating negativity and protecting her energy
  • The personal mottos and philosophies that she lives by
  • Why Perle doesn't have a persona and how she embodies glamour off the stage
  • How overcoming her limiting beliefs transformed her relationship to style
  • How Perle is learning to let go of her abandonment issues and accept love intimately

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