TGGC #36: Stop looking for “the one,” stand up for yourself, & get ready for love with Kira Sabin.

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Kira Sabin is a life coach for singles, unicorn wrangler, and is the Troop Leader of Love over at the League for Adventurous Singles. This one is for all the single ladies, although I promise this woman is AMAZING and there’s going to be something in this episode for everyone. We’re chatting about why you need to stop looking for “the one,” learning about your own needs in a romantic relationship, how your history with love (from even before you started dating) is impacting your relationships, how to get out of your comfort zone for love, and how scavenger huts (yes, SCAVENGER HUNTS) can help with dating and rejection. It’s going to be a fascinating conversation that I can’t wait to share with you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kira’s evolution from tolerating bullshit in relationships and being viewed as someone who will never get married to being in an amazing relationship and understanding what it really takes to make love work (spoiler: it’s not about finding the “perfect” partner)
  • What it looks like to “practice” being ready for a relationship
  • The keystone of all healthy relationships
  • The importance of how you “learned to love” and how to navigate relationships with people who learned love differently than you
  • Why “finding the one” is bullshit and what we need to focus on instead
  • The truth about ghosting and why it has nothing to do with the person being ghosted
  • Why the concept that we need to love ourselves before we love other people is problematic
  • What it takes to embrace being single and be happy with your life right now
  • Calling bullshit on your excuses for being single and the question you should really be asking yourself
  • How scavenger hunts can improve your love life
  • How to get out of your comfort zone for love and why it's essential if you're serious about being in a relationship

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