TGGC #37: Being a multipotentialite & the truth about lifestyle design with Meg Kissack.

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Meg is a freelance graphic designer and the incredible woman behind That Hummingbird Life. where she shares her philosophy that everything changes when you believe you matter. We sat down to talk about her journey from burnt out to prioritizing self-care, what it means to be a multipotentialite and how to embrace this trait, and the ins and outs of lifestyle design.

In this episode we talk about:

  • A before and after look at how Meg’s life has changed since she started prioritizing self-care
  • How discovering the concept “multipotentiality” helped Meg realize that looking after yourself isn’t selfish and get over her addiction to busyness
  • Meg’s philosophy that “everything changes when you believe you matter” and her favourite practices for acknowledging that she matters
  • How to discover your strengths and honour them in ways that build your confidence
  • Letting go of what we think we “should” be doing so that we can focus on what really works for us
  • Breaking down what the idea of “multipotentiality” means and why it can be damaging to try to pigeonhole ourselves into one passion or career path
  • How to go from a place of overwhelm with all of your passion to embracing multipotentiality
  • The myths that are often perpetuated about lifestyle design and the inherent privilege that is assumed by a lot of personal development work
  • Rituals and exercises that you can use to begin intentionally designing your life

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