TGGC #38: Navigating mental health challenges, loving yourself, & making the world a more beautiful place with Mary England.

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Mary England is the artist, author, and blogger behind Uncustomary Art! Mary is like a rainbow in the shape of a girl! Everything she does infused the world with more colour, love, & positivity! While we know her as a beacon of happiness, Mary has also faced serious struggles with her mental health and clawed her way out of the clutches of self-loathing, so she has a lot to share when it comes to getting through the bad days and making your life a beautiful masterpiece.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Mary’s journey to living with undiagnosed mental health issues for over a decade to learning how to love herself and taking responsibility for her own happiness
  • The stigma behind mental health issues in general and specifically prescription medications, how they’ve helped Mary along her journey, and some important things to think about before starting to take them
  • The steps she took to take her “unrealistic dream” of opening a “glitter bar” to creating her online empire that is completely focused on cultivating happiness and beauty
  • What self-love really means and the tools that were most powerful on Mary’s own journey, including the ones she still uses today
  • How to start your own happy journal to cultivate gratitude and positivity
  • What it looks like (for us) to love ourselves on the bad days and how we cultivated that ability and mindset over time
  • Mary’s journey to body acceptance and the realizations and mindset shifts that allowed her to begin loving her body
  • How she got started creating street art and a look at some of the inspiring, positivity-infused exhibitions she has created over the years
  • Advice for creating your own street art installations for the first time

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