TGGC #39: Giving the finger to outspiriting, finding your tribe, & being spiritual online with Lucy Sheridan & Jo Westwood.

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Today’s episode with Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood, the co-founders of #HIGHERSELFIE and it’s a very special episode because it’s the first time I’ve interviewed two guests together. Lucy and Jo just released their first book, which came out in April from Hay House and last year they put on the only spirituality un-conference in the world. We sat down to talk about how to get over the compare and despair that arises from seeing everyone’s highlights on social media, navigating a spiritual life in the modern age, how to find your tribe when you feel like the only “woo” in the village, and their favourite hashtag: #DONTWAITFORITCREATEIT!


In this episode we talk about:

  • Jo and Lucy’s personal journeys from complete skepticism to spiritual awakening and the paths that led them to launching their own heart-centred businesses and together creating #HIGHERSELFIE
  • The synchronicities that led to the creation of #HIGHERSELFIE and what the heck an un-conference actually is
  • The epidemic of “outspiriting” (or one-upmanship) that runs rampant in the spiritual community: what it is and how to manage it when you’re being outspirited or when you’re the one doing the outspiriting (because hey, we all have egos!)
  • How to use social media as an extension of our spiritual practice, rather than viewing it as something that inherently pulls us away from our spirituality
  • How to make authentic friendship and find people who “get you” as an adult
  • Why becoming “spiritual” doesn’t mean you have to cull your “unspiritual” friends from your life and how to navigate these relationships given your new perspective
  • How to get clear on which of your dreams to go after when you’re overwhelmed by having “too many” ideas
  • How to help create the things you wished existed in the world, even if you don’t want to be the one leading it


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