TGGC #40: Keeping the romance alive, releasing your expectations of marriage, & designing a flavourful life with Jessie Artigue.

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Jessie Artigue is a lifestyle expert and speaker who blogs at Style and Pepper about designing a healthy, happy, and flavourful life. She’s also the host of the Marriage is Funny and The Perfect Wife podcasts and is a big sis and mentor at We talked about keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships, the importance of releasing your expectations of marriage, and designing a flavourful life.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • The routines and rituals that support Jessie’s health and happiness
  • Jessie and her husband’s love story - which didn’t seem like it was going to be one in the beginning 
  • What has made the biggest difference in keeping the spark alive in their marriage and getting through ruts when they have arisen
  • The surprising thing they're currently trying in the bedroom (it’s not what you think!) and the difference it’s having in their marriage
  • Why it’s important to hang out with other couples and how you can befriend other married people if most of your friends are single (or you just want to expand your social circle)
  • Jessie’s thoughts on what it takes to maintain a solid sense of self in a relationship while also growing together
  • How our expectations of marriage and long-term relationships can actually hurt the health of our romance
  • The difference between great love and perfect love
  • How Jessie’s own struggles led to her creating the Pepperologie lifestyle design process and how she helps her clients find the right combination of ingredients to create their own flavourful life
  • Our personal relationships to self-image and how we can begin to change what we think when we look in the mirror


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