TGGC #41: The healing power of solitude, living a nomadic existence, & being a sister of the wild with Jayne Goldheart.

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Jayne Goldheart is a Qoya teacher and founder of the Sisters of the Wild non-profit organization. I sat down to Jayne to talk about her pilgrimage walking 222 miles around Scotland, the healing powers of solitude, and what she’s learned about living a nomadic existence. This is a special episode because not only is Jayne a good friend of mine, it’s the first time I’ve had a repeat guest on the show so you may remember her from episode 7.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Jayne initially decided to settle down in London after her pilgrimage around Scotland and what’s drawn her back to nomadic living
  • What initially called Jayne to complete a 222 mile solo walk around Scotland, what it looked like on a day-to-day basis, what she learned spiritually from the experience, and how it led to her non-profit foundation, Sisters of the Wild
  • The healing power of solitude and the magic that can happen when we allow ourselves to be alone with our thoughts
  • How Jayne’s relationship with her body changed through the experience of her walk
  • What her relationship with stuff is now that she lives out of two suitcases, and the emotional journey it took to get there
  • Jayne’s travelling altar and how these precious possessions act as a touchstone for her wherever in the world she is at the time
  • The Wisdom Gathering that will bring together 60 sisters of the wild (you could be one of them) in Wales in September to share workshops, ceremony, and ritual
  • How you can apply to receive £1111 to empower you to have your own wild experience or achieve your big dream
  • What it means to be a sister of a wild and why so many people are feeling drawn back to nature as they become dissatisfied with living a disconnected life
  • What it took for Jayne to settle into and become comfortable with nomadic life after 18 months of living that way
  • The downsides of this lifestyle and the toll that it’s taken on Jayne’s health
  • Her simple advice (and heartfelt warning!) for anyone who feels called to travel more or live a nomadic existence

Deposits for The Wisdom Gathering are only £55 if you book before June 19th.


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