TGGC #42: Being your own heroine, dressing for the occasion, & modern minimalism with Xandra Robinson-Burns.

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Xandra Robinson-Burns is a Gryffindor and writer who believes that heroines exist in reality, not just in the pages of books. On her website, Xandra provides the tools, lessons, and adventure necessary to live and own your story. We sat down to talk about what it means to be a heroine, how to make minimalism work for you, the importance of dressing for the occasion, her journey with depression, and the magic she's learned from the pages of Harry Potter.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Xandra’s journey with minimalism led her to develop the concept of “heroine training” and her take on what it means to be your own heroine
  • As an avid reader, how she learns life lessons from the pages of her favourite books and applies them to her own life
  • The morning and evening routines that anchor and add intention to Xandra’s days
  • Her alter ego, Xandra the Bold, that she has cultivated through social media and how it’s playing a part in her own heroine training journey
  • How we can use Instagram, and photography more generally, to savour an experience and choose to see it through a different lens
  • The creative ways that Xandra and I are capturing and documenting our memories in a physical way and why we think this is so important
  • Xandra’s take on minimalism and why it’s not about how many things you own
  • How Xandra and I met when we were both living in London and our personal (but similar) journeys from being lifestyle bloggers to creating personal development businesses
  • Why Harry Potter has been such an important part of her life and the magic she thinks these books have to teach us
  • The problem with the concept of “guilty pleasures"
  • How we got over our hang ups with style and fashion and why we’re such big advocates of dressing for the occasion
  • Xandra’s experience with depression and how a dismissive attitude from a therapist made the journey even more difficult than it needed to be
  • The strategies she’s using for trying to get a better night’s sleep


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