TGGC #43: Making peace with food and tapping into true hunger with Kathryn Holt.

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Kathryn Holt is a psychotherapist who accompanies people on the journey of reclaiming their hunger, desire, and permission to live fully in their bodies and lives. She utilizes a psycho-spiritual approach that integrates our whole person-- body, mind, soul, and spirit-- as a way of accessing our deepest wisdom and self-trust. She lives and works in Boulder, CO. We sat down to talk about the importance of questioning the messages we're taught about our bodies, how reclaiming our true hunger is a radical act that changes everything, and Kathryn's own journey of learning to trust her body.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What it means to reclaim our hunger and why it’s a revolutionary act that has physical, mental, spiritual, and even political ramifications

  • Kathryn’s journey of learning to trust her body - what that looked like spiritually, as well as in a practical day-to-day way
  • The mistruths that society teaches us about women’s bodies and the impact they’re having on us, including that our bodies can’t be trusted, that we should be following the same diets and movement practices all of the time, and that our hunger is dangerous
  • Learning to view all food as neutral; recognizing that it does not have a moral code (whoa! this is such a biggie …my mind was blown!)
  • Simple (but not easy!) steps for tapping into our true hunger and learning to trust our bodies
  • The concept of “the body project” and the problematic idea that we need to be constantly working on and improving our bodies
  • How restricting what we eat and taming our hunger restricts pleasure in all areas of our lives
  • The impact of the male gaze and orienting ourselves towards men's pleasure on our body image and relationships to our own pleasure
  • A study that shows how young women actually unlearn what they want

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