TGGC #44: Bullet journals, life as a mom, & creating a balanced, healthy life with Laura Agar Wilson.


Laura Agar Wilson is a writer, health coach and recipe developer at I think this episode complements last week’s really well as takes a really balanced, holistic approach to living a healthy and happy life. We talk about Laura’s journey from being unhappy and overweight to becoming too obsessed with exercise and healthy eating to finding a place of balance and happiness in her life. We also talked about how to find your own healthy balance, the importance of mindset to positive body image, what changed for her after becoming a mother, and our new obsessions with bullet journalling.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Laura’s journey from being really unhappy with her weight and yo-yo dieting to discovering healthy living blogs and becoming interested with clean eating and exercising to a point where it became an unhealthy obsession that wasn’t making her happy
  • The wake up call that shows her that she had swung too far in the other direction and what it took for her to come to a place where she feels happy, healthy, and balanced
  • Entry points for finding your own healthy balanced based on your personal body, health, and circumstances
  • Cultivating a positive mindset and how to change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making healthy choices or that are keeping you stuck in a negative, obsessive relationship with your weight, food, and body
  • Why we’re both obsessed with bullet journalling and how we’re using it to cultivate healthy habits and balanced lives
  • How Laura's life changed after having a baby and how she manages to incorporate healthy habits into her busy schedule


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