TGGC #45: Finding magic in routines, sexual healing, & “me too!” moments with Sarah Starrs

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Yes, the new name and look is here! We are officially The Girl Gang Conversations! So while this is actually the 45th episode of the podcast, it kind of feels like episode 1 - which is why, somewhat strangely, this week’s episode is also a special one: it’s with me! I’d heard from quite a few of you that you that you wanted to hear more about my journey and life and how I’d answer the questions that I ask my guests each week. So that’s exactly what I’m offering this week. My amazing friend Ebonie Allard interviewed ME and she did an amazing job; we got really deep and vulnerable and she asked incredibly powerful questions. 

I talk in-depth about my daily routines and rituals, the benefits of my meditation practice, finding magic rather than monotony in our daily rituals, my journey with sexual shame and what I’ve been doing to heal and release that, why I’m making these changes with the podcast, the importance of sisterhood, and so much more. We also cover my recent transition away from coaching and what I'm up to now.

I have to admit: I have a bit of a vulnerability hangover from this one but I’m also really excited to share it with you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • an in-depth overview of my daily, weekly, and monthly routines and rituals and how they contribute to my spirituality, health, and overall sense of wellbeing
  • my thoughts on making your routines and rituals feel magical, rather than like another to-do list and just going through the motions
  • what it's like to get a "download" during meditation and the experience of being "in the flow" that comes from consistent meditation
  • my journey of unlocking hidden sexual trauma in my body and what tools, practices, and mindsets are helping me to heal it
  • the three practices that have stuck with me the longest and had the biggest impact for me
  • why I changed the name of this podcast and how it reflects my changing views on sisterhood and personal development
  • how my beliefs about (and experiences of) friendship have changed since moving to another country

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