TGGC #46: Finding peace within the hustle & bustle of city life with Xochi Balfour

Xochi Belafour is a blogger and a nutritionist-in-training who combines diet, natural healing, and various methods of spiritual inquiry to guide her readers and clients in cultivating more balance and harmony within and without. I’m in love with her beautiful book that has the same name as her blog (The Naturalista!), both of which are full of delicious recipes, natural beauty tutorials, and practices for mindful living. In our interview Xochi talks about how she slows down and lives mindfully within the hustle and bustle of city life. We dive into her own journey to wellness and healing and how we can begin experimenting to find the foods and practices that suit our bodies in this season of our lives. She shares many of her own favourite practices and talks really beautifully about bringing mindfulness into our daily lives.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Xochi's journey from fashion journalist to food truck owner to naturalista
  • Her experience with burn out and how her healing journey led her to the practices and modalities she now shares in her own work
  • How we can cultivate mindfulness and inner peace within the hustle and bustle of city life by cultivating practices and mindsets that soothe us
  • Overcoming the mindset that we need to constantly be "doing" and "striving" and checking off accolades in order to be successful
  • Coming back to the body and tapping into its wisdom and how this can "save" us
  • The perfectionist mentality we both used to bring to our journalling and how we've overcome that mindset to really dive into the full benefits of this practice
  • A peek into Xochi's toolbox and the practices that she uses in her own life
  • Taking a truly holistic approach to diet and wellness by experimenting with the foods and practices that will serve you best in this season of your life

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Podcast art by Ella Masters.