TGGC #47: Releasing expectations and harnessing the power of intention with Makenna Johnston.

Makenna Johnston is a business coach, author of The Intention Generation and her and her wife recently bought Julia Child's home in the South of France, which they're turning into a cooking school and yoga retreat centre. Whether through writing, speaking, or creating her work’s cornerstone is the notion that intention trumps expectation and that input matters far more than extraction. The results? Alignment & Presence. (Things the world could use more of).

We dove deep into Makenna’s journey - which is absolutely fascinating - as well as what it takes to live an intentional life, the consequences of getting caught up in expectations rather than intentions, and how to set powerful intentions and visions for our lives.

Intention and expectation are words that get bandied a lot but I promise this is not more of the same. This is a deep, powerful, fun, & playful conversation that left me with goose pimples. I can't wait for you to hear it!


In this episode we talk about:

  • The difference between "inspiration" and "aspiration" and how mainstream marketing is impacting how we desire
  • The problems that we're experiencing as a result of being taught to expect things
  • How intentions are different than expectations by shifting us into a space of action and the ingredients for creating powerful intentions
  • The problems with bucket lists, the havoc they wreaked in Makenna's lives, and how she approaches hers now
  • The three-tiered system that Makenna uses for setting intentions for herself and why feeling states form the foundations of her intentions
  • What vision really is, how she suggests her clients go about finding their vision, and why once you've found yours, it never really changes
  • How Makenna set the intention of buying Julia Child's house and how she held on to it despite difficult odds
  • Their larger vision behind La Peetch and how they hope to build connection and community through the project (& why this is so important in today's difficult times)
  • The importance of recognizing that there are different types of seasons in our lives and acknowledging how they fit into our larger intentions and vision


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Podcast art by Ella Masters.