TGGC #48: Devotion to spiritual practice & finding your soul's calling with Rebecca Campbell.

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Rebecca Campbell is a best selling author, inspirational motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, grounded spiritual mentor and practical intuitive guide. She's the author of Light is the New Black and her forthcoming book, Rise Sister Rise.

We had a really amazing chat about the power of devotion to your spiritual practice, exactly what HER practice looks like, creating from a space of feminine flow, and the role of the shadow when you’re trying to work your light.

In this episode we talk about:

  • An in-depth look at Rebecca’s daily routines and rituals
  • What “light sourcing” is, why it’s the one spiritual practice she’s most committed to, exactly how Rebecca practices it, and the instrumental role it plays in her creative process
  • The importance of consistency to your spiritual practice and how it leads to finding and living your soul’s calling
  • The story of how Rebecca discovered and then many years later started pursuing the work she was put on this Earth to do
  • The advice she gives to anyone who is trying to find their life’s purpose but doesn’t know where to begin
  • The simple ways you can tune into or amplify your intuition (which anyone can do!)
  • The important role of the shadow, even for lightworkers or anyone trying to work their light
  • What a lightworker is
  • The story of what inspired Rebecca to write her new book, Rise Sister Rise, and how it forced her to create from a place of real feminine flow
  • Living in tune with the seasons and rhythms of your body
  • The difficulty of living within the feminine in a society that wants to force us to stay in the masculine (and how we’re both navigating that)

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