TGGC #51: The magic of our menstrual cycles & creating happy hormones with Bianca Osbourne

Bianca Osbourne is a menstrual and fertility coach for energetic women, like you, who are ready to love their cycle and step into their feminine power. It’s her mission to help women balance their hormones, regulate their cycle, and create a vibrant, effervescent life that they love.

We sat down to talk about her journey, of course, but also how we can reclaim our health and stop looking for answers outside of ourselves.

You’ll hear us dive into talking about many of the most common reproductive health issues women struggle with and the insights Bianca has to share about alleviating them.

She shares her advise for tapping into the wisdom we can gain from our menstrual cycle and what it can teach us about our bodies and lives. She also answered listener questions about coming off the pill and non-hormonal birth control.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Bianca uses lists as the ritual that keeps her organized and sane within her busy, diverse schedule
  • The importance of switching up your environment and taking time away from work for both fuelling your creativity and creating work/life balance
  • Bianca’s struggles with yo-yo dieting and the hormonal imbalances this led to and how her reluctance to medicate the problem led her to seek out more natural solutions
  • How hormonal birth control silences information about our body and about who we are
  • How my high sensitivity trait changes responses in my body and sometimes makes it difficult to get support from my doctor
  • The unique information and power that you can get access to each month through your menstrual cycle
  • How focusing on the macronutrients of what you eat can help keep your hormones happy and balanced
  • Foods to avoid for hormonal health
  • The importance of not being too strict about what foods you need to eat (“You need to live your life!”)
  • The supplements that Bianca recommends for balancing your hormones
  • The fact that hormonal imbalances are a problem for men too
  • The “sleep test” you can do to determine how much sleep you need each night (because sleep is so important to your hormonal health)
  • Advice for supporting your body in coming off the pill
  • The methods of birth control that Bianca recommends
  • What it takes to effectively chart cycle
  • How to approach a doctor about a reproductive issue (or any other health problem) in a way that will make them take you seriously


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