TGGC #52: Creating abundance by honouring the lunar cycles with Ezzie Spencer.

Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer and has a PhD in women’s wellbeing. She cares about, and works to further, women’s emotional, financial and spiritual wellbeing.

As the creator of Lunar Abundance™ – a lunar-inspired self-care practice, Ezzie helps thousands of women around the world cultivate self-worth, confidence and feminine flow in a playful and feminine way.

In this episode you’ll hear Ezzie’s unique perspective on what each phase of the moon can offer us and how tracking the lunar cycle is a really powerful personal development tool.

While magic and ritual can be a beautiful part of any lunar practice, Ezzie is very practical and grounded and there are unique perspectives even for people who have absolutely zero interest in magic or spirituality.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Ezzie’s practice of her keeping her mornings clear for creative work
  • Her journey from working as a lawyer to developing the Lunar Abundance™ as she sought to create a deeper understanding of herself
  • How the new moon phase teaches us about coming back to ourselves and our intuition and our feelings
  • Different types of abundance you can cultivate in your life
  • The importance and beauty of working with only one intention in each moon cycle
  • An overview of the 8 moon phases and how they connect to our lives and the different steps of the Lunar Abundance™ practice
  • Using the moon to connect with our body and our natural rhythms
  • Defining feelings as physical sensations that connect us to our somatic experiences
  • Creating intentions based on our feelings
  • How the lunar cycle can teach us about our own natural cycles, including our menstrual cycles
  • Balancing our need to be “doing” and expressing our masculine energy while still honouring the feminine phases while we are in them


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