TGGC #55: Understanding the five elements for greater health and healing with Amy Kuretsky

Amy Kuretsky is a health coach for creatives, licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and woo-woo as fuck.

She helps busy bosses fuel their hustle by honoring their health and their bodies, and helping them heal their digestion.

She started following this path after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease - an autoimmune disease of the gut - over 10 years ago and using natural healing therapies to heal her own digestion and become her healthiest self ever.

We talked about her journey of healing from Crohn’s, tapping into our intuition, the fact that foods aren’t the enemy but not every food is for every person, and how the elements are connected to our body and can help us live in more harmonious ways.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Grounding and protecting your energy

  • The exercise that Amy enjoys for keeping the energy moving in her body

  • Amy’s journey of being diagnosed and healing from Crohn’s disease

  • Connecting with the wisdom of our body

  • Ways of accessing our intuition and gut feelings

  • Amy’s work as a health coach, acupuncturist, and Chinese herbalist

  • Energy medicine - what it is and how it relates to our physical health

  • How the five elements relate to the cycles and rhythms of our bodies and lives

  • Working with the five elements to honour the cycles of our bodies

  • Recognizing that food isn’t evil but not every food is for every person

  • Eating foods that are best for our particular disposition

  • Using tarot as a tool for accessing our inner wisdom

  • Using EFT to transform emotional issues and how Amy identifies the issues she wants to tap on

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