TGGC #56: Dismantling the societal trauma of patriarchy, witches, & reclaiming our SHE Power with Lisa Lister

Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, Lisa Lister is an advocate of the FULL female experience. She’s a writer, a menstrual maven and creatrix of the SHE Flow system – yoga, women’s wisdom and menstrual health + ‘down-there’ care practices – dedicated to helping women crack their lady code, reconnect with their body wisdom + love their lady landscape.

We sat down to talk about the societal trauma caused by patriarchy, reclaiming our SHE power, dancing between devotion and spontaneity, and what it means to be a witch. This is juicy stuff!

You might remember my friend Lisa from episode 8 of the podcast; you might get even more out of this conversation if you go back and listen to that one first.

In this episode we talk about:


  • Why Lisa has completely stripped her meditation practice back to basics
  • The divine feminine force that Lisa refers to as SHE
  • Simple practices for beginning to connect with your SHE Power
  • Bringing spontaneity and fluidity into our spiritual practice while still showing up to daily devotion
  • Getting used to the idea that our spiritual paths are nonlinear and that that can be totally uncomfortable
  • The good and bad of social media when it comes to finding inspiration for our spiritual journeys
  • What we actually mean when we talk about patriarchy
  • Lisa’s struggle with orgasms and where she realized that was coming from
  • The traumatic wounds that our patriarchal society can leave on women’s bodies
  • Getting in touch with our own voice and intuition - and rooting through all of the outside voices to actually hear them
  • What it means to be a witch and whether we need to be initiated into a specific lineage in order to claim it as our own

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