TGGC #57: Thriving with high sensitivity & the truth about burn out with Caroline van Kimmenade


Todays interview is with Caroline van Kimmenade. Caroline teaches highly sensitive people how to work with their sensitivity instead of fighting it, so that they can stay open and caring and can effectively make use of their sensitivity instead of being burdened by it.

We talk about what it means to be a highly sensitivity - the challenges and the benefits, learning the language of your sensitivity, as well as our own experience of burn out and unique healing journeys.

  • Having a self-care “carousel” rather than a strict routine

  • What it means to be a highly sensitive person and how to now if you are one

  • Caroline’s journey to learning about high sensitivity and the impact it’s had on her life

  • Adrenal fatigue/burn out and how these can impact sensitivity

  • Learning the language of your sensitivity (aka how important it is to understand and manage our own unique stress systems

  • Whether the concept of gratitude is overrated

  • The link between emotions and thoughts and why it matters

  • Learning to trust your body and intuition

  • Tapping into the truest sense of who we are.

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